SOS Barnbyar (Children´s villages)

About SOS-Barnbyar (Children´s villages)

All children are entitled to a secure childhood with loving adults around them. Therefore, we help hundreds of thousands of children each year to grow up in a family. SOS Children’s Villages is on the children’s side. For over sixty years we have seen it as our task to help the most vulnerable children. Today we run children’s villages in 133 countries where orphaned or abandoned children can get a new home. We also work with preventive measure, in order to avoid children being orphaned. Through Social centers in conjunction with SOS Children’s Villages, we can help children whose families are struggling to remain with their biological mothers and fathers. This may involve providing a micro-loan, so that families can raise themselves out of poverty, or to provide grants for medicines and medical care. Whether we help orphans to get a new home, or support vulnerable children and their families, the aim of our work is that all children should grow up in a family. And every year we help hundreds of thousands of children to have a safe childhood where they have a mother or father to hug, and siblings to play with.

Ronlin Studios and SOS-Barnbyar

When you buy a product from Ronlin Studios, 50% of the profit (price – expenses) goes toward one of three organizations that are consistent with the principles and values Ronlin Studios stands for. SOS Barnbyar is one of those organizations.

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